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Enjoy the pure and pristine taste of Eternal Water with ease. Find our bottled spring water at over 65,000 retail stores or enjoy doorstep delivery through Instacart.

Why Eternal?

  • Sourced in the USASourced in the USA
  • Naturally AlkalineNaturally Alkaline
  • Natural ElectrolytesNatural Electrolytes
  • Naturally FilteredNaturally Filtered

Over 65,000 Nationwide Locations

Browsing your local store’s shelves for bottled spring water feels stressful these days. There are almost too many options, but there's a better way. Our bottled alkaline spring water store finder lets you discover where to buy alkaline water near you. This way, you know exactly which local stores carry our naturally alkaline water, sourced from pristine spring water sources in the USA. Find natural bottled spring water near your location by using our map above. Your alkaline water experience begins now.

Why buy alkaline water?

Pure and pristine taste
Eternal’s spring water is sourced from high-quality springs in the USA
Hydration is important to your well-being!

There are a lot of reasons to buy alkaline water, but once you taste it, you'll never go back!

Our Spring Water Difference

In today’s world, purity and natural sourcing are as valued as ever.

Our journey begins by carefully selecting natural springs across the United States. Our bottled spring water mission means discovering natural sources that offer exceptional mineral balance and a natural alkalinity.

When you choose our bottled spring water, you’re not just hydrating, you’re experiencing high-quality tasting water and embracing a natural lifestyle. You’re drinking bottled water straight from a naturally alkaline spring.

Embrace your natural wellness journey with our bottled water, backed by our promise.

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