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Nature's Perfect Alkaline Spring Water

Explore the pristine purity of Eternal Water, sourced directly from nature. Experience the benefits of drinking high-pH bottled spring water and elevate your hydration routine with the convenience of Eternal alkaline water delivered straight to your home or office through Instacart or Shipt. Alternatively, Eternal is available at over 65,000 retailers nationwide. Enjoy pure, refreshing, bottled alkaline spring water, that keeps your body perfectly hydrated.


Naturally Alkaline Spring Water — Eternal Water is filtered by layers of ancient rock and is packed with essential minerals and electrolytes.


Pure & Pristine — Our naturally alkaline spring water comes from protected underground springs that flow year-round. Isolated from industrial pollution, our natural springs produce some of the purest and most pristine alkaline spring water you can find. All of our water is naturally sourced from springs right here in America. With Eternal Water, you can drink natural spring water just as nature intended.


Spring Water for Health & Vitality — Choosing Eternal alkaline spring water means choosing purity and health. Each bottle captures the essence of nature’s filtration, providing a water that’s not only refreshing but also rich in beneficial minerals. Ideal for hydration, health, and wellness, our alkaline spring water enhances your daily water intake with naturally occurring electrolytes that support hydration and nutrient absorption. Enjoy the crisp, clean taste of one of America’s finest spring waters, and make every sip a step towards meeting your hydration goals.

Why Eternal?

  • Sourced in the USASourced in the USA
  • Naturally AlkalineNaturally Alkaline
  • Natural ElectrolytesNatural Electrolytes
  • Naturally FilteredNaturally Filtered

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