1-Liter Alkaline Water Bottles

1-Liter Alkaline Water Bottles

Naturally alkaline spring water delivered to your door.

Package details: 1-Liter x 12 Bottles

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About this Item

With Eternal Water, you can enjoy pure, exceptional tasting water with nothing extra or unnatural added. Our alkaline water is completely natural and sourced from natural underground springs in America. Our 1-Liter bottles are perfect for staying hydrated all day long.

  • Filtered Water - The water in your bottle is the very same water that gets filtered through layers of natural rock, infusing your water with essential minerals for a great, fresh taste every time.

  • Sourced in America - Enjoy water from right here in the United States. We source our water from underground springs in California and Tennessee.

  • No Additives - Water should be pure and perfect. That’s why we do not add anything to our water. It’s just crisp, clear water straight from the spring with naturally occurring electrolytes.

  • Convenience - Our 1-Liter bottles come in a handy 12 pack for easy enjoyment anytime and anywhere. Just grab your bottle and go. Order today or sign up for a subscription to receive Eternal Water on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Why Eternal?

  • Sourced in the USASourced in the USA
  • Naturally AlkalineNaturally Alkaline
  • Natural ElectrolytesNatural Electrolytes
  • Naturally FilteredNaturally Filtered