Understanding the pH of Alkaline Spring Water — An Ultimate Guide

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In today's world, people are becoming more health conscious and paying attention to what they drink. Spring water has gained popularity among the many options available to consumers. This ultimate guide will help you understand the pH of alkaline spring water and why it has become so popular.

Alkaline Spring Water and pH: Getting Started

Spring water absorbs minerals as it journeys through ancient rock and sandstone layers in underground aquifers, increasing alkalinity. For this reason, Eternal Water sources its bottled water products from natural spring water destinations. Browse Eternal Water’s naturally alkaline spring water products here.

Another way to increase bottled water's alkalinity is through a manufacturing process called ionization. The pH scale measures a substance's acidity or alkalinity, also known as the basicity.

The human body works continuously to maintain pH levels of its fluids, including blood, to achieve a balanced state. The "balance" of pH, also known as acid-base or acid-alkaline, is essential to good health.

Our visual below displays the pH scale, which ranges from 0–14. The blue bar represents that a substance is more alkaline, while the red indicates more acidic. We've organized popular products on the scale to lend perspective. A pH level higher than 7 indicates alkalinity or basicity. Although the scale seems incrementally small, each level increase equals ten times the previous. For instance, a pH of 9 is ten times more basic than a pH of 8, and a pH of 2 is 100 times more acidic than a pH of 4. 

pH scale showing the levels from Acidic to Alkaline (0-14) with examples of common household items such as lemon juice (ph 1 - acidic), coconut water (ph 5 - acidic) and antacids (ph 11 - alkaline)

The Benefits of Alkaline Spring Water

There's more of a movement than ever to look after ourselves by following our own self-prescribed wellness rituals. This includes eating cleaner and healthier foods and drinking beverages like alkaline spring water that rehydrate and refuel us versus drinks that are acidic (low pH) and high in sugar, which can dehydrate and deplete our natural state of energy. The idea behind alkaline water is that it has a higher pH level than regular water, which is believed to offer various hydration benefits. 

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Not All Spring Water Is Created Equal

Spring water can be either alkaline or not alkaline, depending on the amount of naturally occurring minerals in the water, which affect its pH level. Eternal Water has a high pH and is considered naturally alkaline as it contains naturally occurring minerals and naturally occurring electrolytes. For more on the nuances involving alkalinity and electrolytes, read our alkaline water vs. electrolyte water guide

Rarity of Alkaline Water

Karim Mashouf, founder and CEO of Eternal Water, reminded us that only 1% of U.S. springs are alkaline, making Eternal Water a rare and special product. He explains that most of the drinking water available on the planet is neutral to acidic, not north of neutral or alkaline.

The pro's of hydrating with Eternal Water - naturally alkaline, sourced in America, Naturally Filtered, and Exceptional Taste

What Is an Exceptional Tasting Spring Water To Drink for pH?

Eternal naturally alkaline spring water is the answer.

According to Karim, “Our water is not manufactured, altered, or manipulated in any way. We did not make our water, we discovered it. Eternal comes from pure and pristine aquifers in the Shasta Trinity Alps of California and Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. The water is naturally infused with alkaline, electrolytes, and minerals as it flows over the bedrock of limestone, sandstone, and volcanic rock. Nothing is ever added to Eternal Water. This is the reason why you won't find a nutrition panel or ingredient list on the back of our product. I believe Eternal Water is the closest thing to organic water that you can find.”

Pure, refreshing, and naturally alkaline, Eternal Water is nature’s perfect water for hydration. Bottled at the source, you can expect clean, smooth, exceptionally high-quality, great-tasting water that hydrates your body. It offers some of the purest, most pristine alkaline water from right here in America.

Why Is It So Difficult to Find Great-Tasting Spring Water?

It's not! You can find alkaline spring water at a store near you

You can also purchase Eternal Water online, enjoy free alkaline spring water delivery, and even save 20% if you sign up for our subscribe and save program. 


Consuming water with a naturally high pH level is an excellent option for anyone on a wellness journey. Opting for alkaline spring water, such as that from Eternal Water, is a smart choice for hydration. Eternal’s alkaline water provides naturally occurring minerals of the highest quality, making it a superior option for promoting hydration as part of your wellness ritual.